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Weight-Reduction Programs & What to Expect

We offer 3 different weight-reduction programs. Each program begins with a One-on-One private consultation with Dr. Boris Nektalov to determine which program is suitable for you.

Each visit includes the following services:

Weekly Weigh-Ins

You will have weekly assessments, coaching & weigh-ins.

Personal Burst Training

High intensity, short duration exercise lasting ~12 minutes.

Whole Body Vibration Fitness

Low-impact way to increase strength, flexibility, & rejuvenate your body

Infrared Sauna Detox

Healps to cleanse and detoxify your body

Zerona Laser & Lipo Light Treatment

Non-Invasive Fat Loss Laser Treatment Technologies

Mind Fitness Technology

Helps to relax & focus enabling you to change habits

Nektalov Total Body Weight Loss Program Averages *


Activities / Visit


Visit / Week


Avg. Visit Time/ min.

Our Approach: Nektalov Health & Total Body Weight Loss
  • What is Candida?

    Candida (albicans) is one of many different types of yeast. It grows and lives on what you eat and makes your body crave what it needs.

  • What is the connection between Candida and Weight-Loss?

    The approach to these programs is to reduce and eliminate the toxins in your body that can lead to Candida. The existence of Candida in your body can lead to weight-gain because Candida feeds off undesirable fatty-foods. Candida is the source of your cravings for these unhealthy foods. And, as you know, over-eating fatty-foods leads to weight-gain.

  • Are 5 different activities necessary each week?

    Yes, because each part of the program combines physical activity, cutting-edge technology and counseling to keep you on the path to losing your desired weight.

  • How long is each visit?

    Each weekly visit typically lasts 40 min. This includes time for the activities such as: Personal Burst Training, Whole Body Fitness, Infrared Laser Detox, Zerona Laser Therapy & Mind-Fitness.

  • How much does it cost? Are payment plans available?

    After going over the initial consultation and making sure the program and program length are a fit, we will go over cost information. Payment plans may be available, but cannot be guaranteed. They are evaluated on a case-by-case basis (if any).

♥ – Disclaimer: The “Success Stories” are based on individual results. We do not and cannot guarantee any specific weight-loss numbers within a given time-frame. These numbers and individual “Success Stories” results are being supplied for illustrative purposes to give you a general idea of what weight-loss diets can offer. Many factors are involved in losing weight so we advise you to do due diligence in meeting and discussing your realistic weight-loss goals and targets for you.

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Our goal at Nektalov Health & Total Body Weight LOSS Center is to help the body heal itself naturally. Our job is to help you remove the interferences—stress, toxins, weight—and let your body do the healing from the inside-out. We want to educate you on how to live a new and improved lifestyle—one that is maintainable and realistic.We want to help you achieve your weight loss goals while simultaneously improving every other aspect of your life.We seek to provide the most natural ingredients in your nutrition to reach a level of complete wellness to fight off disease and extra body weight.

We strive to beautify and better the body through researched methods and total programs. These programs are natural, and use the body’s own ability to achieve goals rather than introducing harmful chemicals, surgery, or potentially addictive drugs. We want to be a lifetime partner with you in seeking improved health and lifestyles.We seek constant improvement in our programs and hope that you will participate in that partnership as well. Patients who continue to educate themselves on proper nutrition and lifestyle habits achieve great success and maintain that success!

We are honored to partner with you in the new and exciting adventure into improved health!